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Move how to better development

First: real ads made by the company is not

really moving companies will not go on the side of dissemination, posting small ads and coupons, once consumers receive these ads, please do note that these are fake moving company propaganda.

the second measure: price expressly charged

really moving company charged handling fees in accordance with clear text, not indiscriminately. Consumers must not be those fake moving company coupons.

the third move: body logo

really moving company van entity on the network propaganda company name, vehicle, General Contracting body mixed with the colors seen on the network, is definitely fake.

fourth: the worker uniforms

moving companies in workers with company uniforms, and now each move to establish a leader, the leader is responsible for contacts with customers, other workers opening and customer contact. Movers not customers smoke, drink tea, ask for other materials.

fourth: move signing moving contracts

there is a simple moving company moving contracts signed with clients, clearly moving responsibility and obligation, all operating under contract. Both protect the interests of customers but also maintain moving company right.

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