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Thieves like to help you move

Yesterday morning, a glasses accessories shop in Downtown West mount West Road encounter "move thief", a loss of more than 150,000 yuan. It is reported that several glasses accessories shop on the street have been spanked.   

&Nbsp;       yesterday at 10 o'clock in the morning, reporters saw the stolen glasses Accessories Shop roller shutter lower part, obviously there are traces of hard objects, glass door chains have also been cut.   

"I was sleeping loft on the second floor, was awakened by the sound moved up the stairs. "The song introduced on duty in the shop, 4:40 A.M. yesterday, by the street light, he saw the door stopped a minibus, electric roller doors are pulled from more than one meter high, moving cargo out of the man. Song looked at and quickly picked up the Club downstairs. The thieves quickly stopped handling, drive cars and ran away.   

"Almost in open glasses accessories shop on this street are thieves ' moving ' home. "Surrounding households said. Same operating optical parts of Ms Lin told reporters, one day early this year, when she was not in the store, it was a thief, the accessories were looted of more than 40,000 yuan. "Now we are afraid to put the goods in the store. "Dealers near said.  

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