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Factory was moved to the recycling bin

Successive loss by the urban metal products in a factory, the factory owner scratching their heads. The afternoon of April 28, the city SWAT team seized two squadrons of civilian police from a barrel of diesel of unknown origin began, along the line tracing, illegal salvage dens surfaced four burglary suspects were captured.  

Through the review, suspected sinus in a statement his riding a bicycle carried oil drums and simple sucker tool, often unguarded stealing inside the fuel tank of diesel, at least a few litres, many dozens of liters. When the police came to a temporary rental while verifying the dens of sinus, took police by surprise, a place less than 20 square metres, decorated with 10 or more barrels of varying size, with 165 kilograms of oil, there are also more than 20 kilos of small volume; some are empty, some filled with diesel fuel.   

Dang police came to suspects Lee a of waste acquisition points Shi, inside of scene also rather "spectacular", a with 300 yuan rent to of house within, placed with several heap copper quality products, and iron products and steel products, due police for these route unknown of items was confused Zhiji, from onlookers crowd in the suddenly out of one Zhang surname men, said himself of factory and this "underground" waste acquisition points only more than 10 more meters of away, factory in of synthesis metal products or semi-finished products often somehow lost, economic loss up tens of thousands of Yuan of more, original is was people " Move "to here. Suspect Lee in a boss under the direct correction, had to bow to admitted his purchase of incriminating facts of the crime.  

On April 29, the case based on the confession of the suspect, and strike again, and the other two suspects arrested for stealing metal products factory. At present, the case is still under trial.   

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