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Most moving companies meet the Festival prices

  Yesterday afternoon, Pao ya Xiao Wang, who lives in Dalian, with the help of a moving company in Dalian, will be moved to his home in South shidaojie new home, the moving company worker said to the King: "you are the last residents to enjoy the price move, tomorrow we move the company's prices are going up. "Reporters to random survey found the number of moving companies, they all said that prices on December 28.  

Yesterday, the Pao ya Xiao Wang, who lives in Dalian, told reporters, calling her a month ago to several moving companies consult price. On December 26, when she prepared to move again in consultation, the moving company said: "our company has increased prices on December 28. "It makes Wang began moving ahead.  

On December 27, a moving company as Wang from shahekou district, Dalian, moving. Leader of the moving company worker said: "now move does not make money, if not to raise prices, many workers are not willing to do. " 

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a random number of moving companies. Dalian fidelity moving company official confirmed the information of prices on December 28. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Dalian good luck to the moving company. Xu Huan Shan of the company responsible for the reception staff also confirmed that the company will be increased prices on December 28. Prices are reasonable and legitimate, he said: "we are moving company there is no industry association, we are spontaneous rise. "" Now that oil prices have risen, workers ' wages are rising, moving expenses remained unchanged, which raises prices, you can increase the wages of workers or moving companies be allowed to stand down. "


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