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Last week, a clear differentiation in the market, differentiated pattern initially reflected in a certain context. Rising industries in new energy, special equipment, retail services, including some of the third-quarter increase of small and medium companies and down primarily for electric power, transportation and other industries, these industries mainly to fund positions. From the perspective of market performance should be there to fund a change in the institutional investor preference for different assets. Our understanding of this phenomenon is the:  

1), deliveries, electricity and other relatively closely related to macro-economic defense companies withdrew, the overall performance of institutional     

&Nbsp;    investors relative to some time in the future macro-economic pessimism. &Nbsp;2), markets may be in for a period of time will be continued the theme of investment, the concept of investment characteristics. Because economic restructuring and industry level and the company level, investors can find suitable, there is growing support for investment, at the same time, some small companies because of the adjustments two years ago, have recently shown that short-term earnings growth, naturally attracted the market's attention. 3), currently is selling shares in the market, we believe that the long-term investment value of which some varieties, especially delivery industries, and of course we also saw its inertia also continued to fall in the short term. We believe that if it is based on the relatively long period investment behavior, now to begin to pay attention to the timing of these investment opportunities.   

Fund managers face to face   

Q: the publication of interim measures for the management of personal financial services in commercial banks on money market funds and short-term bond funds and what effects?   

Answer: the interim measures for the administration of commercial bank personal financial business was launched, the commercial bank personal financial business carried out by the pilot phase in the formal stage, personal financial services in commercial banks is expected to be developed rapidly. The short bond funds and money market Fund's impact is both mutual and reciprocal competition.    

From the side: first of all, the introduction of financial products in commercial banks can foster a sense of personal finance and investor. Individual investors in understanding financial products at the same time, will learn more about include money-market funds and risk-return characteristics of short bond funds, select suitable financial products. Second, some banks offer financial products will be directly invested in money market funds and short-term bond funds, increasing both the size of the Fund. Third, some in management consulting services to individual customers, banks, banks ' financial products and money-market funds and short-term debt bundled with the client's asset allocation of the Fund.   

From the competitive side of things: first, some of the Bank's financial products and money-market funds and risk-return characteristics of short Bond Fund is very similar. This and the two types of funds formed in the individual competition, thus requiring fund companies and banks to strengthen services, marketing, and investment management. Second, as personal finance money into money market or bond market might move further down the yield curve in the bond market, bank financial products and money-market funds and short term bond fund yield pressure.   


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