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6 billiard jar large relocation

Harbin petrochemical tank last 400 cubic metres of light hydrocarbon spherical tanks moved successfully, and consisted of seven construction company of the China Petroleum Harbin petrochemical tank farm 6 400 cubic metres of ball of light hydrocarbon tank relocation project successfully completed, creating the overall hanging a new tank level.   

Petrochemical tank area of light hydrocarbon rectification work is 6 billiards tanks moved to 660 m for transport and installation. The tank diameter of 9.2 m, lifting a weight of 110 tonnes. 6 pool tank hoisting each need to cross two 5-meter-high pipe Gallery through a 66,000 volt power lines, installation is difficult.  

Seven construction companies optimize the lifting scheme, homemade rafts of steel structure with winch traction and spherical tank of 400 ton crawler crane transport as a whole, the whole dismantling, transportation and installation.

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