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Environmental relocation of small workshops

  Media recently reported hidden in several production of plastic particles in the hydroelectric equipment plant in beiliu city of small private workshop, produced many pollution surrounding villagers miserable situation. Reports came out, no small impact in the community, once the focus of attention. Beiliu city environmental protection Bureau and the relevant departments attach great importance to, and initiatives in accordance with strong regulation of these small workshops.    

&Nbsp;   6 months 15th, reporter from beiliu EPA supervision management unit understand to, reported out zhiqian, they has received masses reported, and immediately in-depth site detailed survey, on not handle legal procedures of owners law for punishment, and ordered immediately discontinued; reported out zhihou, EPA continues to increased regulatory regulation efforts, clear requirements small workshop of owners shall not again starts production, equipment, and raw materials, items must completely relocation, and and power sector consultations, Cut off the lines to deliver electricity to small workshops. For partial to business owners, required the relocation and away from populated areas, officially legal and project approval procedures, various types of emissions to meet environmental protection standards. Currently, these small workshops has been shut down, including removal of 2 owners and equipment, cleaning materials and said out of the industry.   

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